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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I realized that since I'm going to be citing other people, I really should have a guide to the people who show up in my blog, and any previous informtion I've posted about them, so that if I reference them again, you can see exactly who they are.


Mom -- My mother is a homemaker and the mother of two. She, along with my father, watched The West Wing early on, and it was thanks to them that I got into the show. She watched the finale with me and weighed in on it.

Dad -- My father is an engineer and the father of two. He also watched The West Wing early on, and watched the finale with me.

Chris -- My husband (as of 9/26/09) is a lawyer and a Long Island native; we met in college, where he double-majored in economics and political science.  Note well: he hates spoilers. Chris blogs about the NFC East

Dan -- "Grade school best friend. Enjoyes his comic books and playing the occasional game of heroclix. Yes he knows that he's playing with little men. Shut up. Works as a police dispatcher and loves movies. Knows far too much about useless trivia." Heh. He wrote that himself.

Brian -- My close friend and Chris's went to undergrad with us, where he majored in Political Science. Brian adds: "Currently he works for a local bank's corporate security department and attends graduate school at LaSalle. He is also involved in Classic BattleTech (and is a staunch supporter of House Davion)."

Paul -- Another friend from undergrad, who majored in International Relations. Paul is the friend who accompanied Chris and me to Canada; I only recently got permission to cite his name.

Janny -- I first met Janny online, and we began hanging out when I moved to New York. We attended shows together, and occassionally got sushi together.

Dave -- My brother, a recent college grad with an engineering degree.  He has a blog of his own here (warning: not safe for work...).

Michelle -- Dave's fiancee.  She's a vegetarian, so if we're eating together I'll be commenting on veggie options.

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