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Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center
77 East City Ave
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

You should know

Dan and I were looking for something tasty and convenieint for dinner. "What's in the Bala Shopping Center besides Olive Garden?" he asked me. I recalled that this place is supposed to be good.


After taking a minute to glance over the short menu, we hopped into the also-short line. Dan ordered a regular cheeseburger, while I ordered a little hamburger.

This is sort of a misnomer. The "little" hamburger is pretty much a standard size, but only has one beef patty. The "regular" burger has two.

On my burger, I got tomato, pickles, and sauteed mushrooms that were so juicy that I could easily forgo any sauces (as I typically do). I also got a "regular" french fry and a "regular" drink. Dan got the same.

They make the burgers upon order, so there's a brief wait before your meal is ready. I drained most of my drink by the time my food was up, but there's free refills, so that's ok.

The burger was delicious, and about the perfect size for me. The serving size on the fries was absolutely huge, depsite the fact that we both got the smaller size. They were delicious, but I ended up taking most of mine home

As for beverages, they had an iced tea fountatin next to the soda fountain, so I mixed half unsweetened black tea (too bitter) and half sweetened green tea (too sweet).


Go there
It's tasty and inexpensive. They even have vegetarian options. But maybe split the fries with your dining partner(s).

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