Hanami Japanese Restaurant  

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hanami Japanese Restaurant
525 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10011

You should know
Janny and I were wandering around the Village looking for inspiration to strike. We happened upon the restaurant, and the premises looked reputable and the prices were right.

We like sushi.

We both got the Sushi Deluxe meal, which comes with ten pieces of sushi and 1 California roll ($16.25). She got the salad; I got the miso soup. Sushi Deluxe meals, according to Janny, are the best way to judge an American sushi place.

The portions were generous for the price, and the sushi itself was excellent. We got a great variety with the perfect amount of flavor. The service was great,too. No complaints: good food at a good price equals a good restaurant.

Check it out
Next time you’re in the Village with a craving for sushi, check this place out. I think you’ll be pleased.

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