Monday, March 12, 2007

212 Holland Street
Somerville, MA

You should know
I flew up to Boston to visit Chris for our fourth anniversary. We wanted to do something that was both nice and different for dinner, so after some web searching, we settled on Sabur.

The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived (around 6:30), but was filling up by the time we left. It was brutally cold that day, so I was hoping for a warm corner of the restaurant – and the cooking hearth definitely helped keep the dining room toasty.

After taking a long time to decide which of the amazing-looking entrees we wanted, Chris settled on the “Duck Breast with Porcini Risotto and Swiss Chard, Red Currant Sauce,” ($23.75), while I opted for the “Salmon in Filo Pastry with Shrimp Mousse and Spinach, Saffron Lobster Sauce,” ($22.75). While Chris’s meal was tasty, we agreed that I won – my fish was absolutely amazing. We each had a glass of house wine with dinner, and I had tea after.

As you might be able to tell just from our selections, Sabur features food based on various types of Mediterranean cuisine – “ranging from Italy, Greece, Southern France, and the Balkans to North Africa and beyond,” according to the website.

We ate in the Main Room, which is furnished with lovely Bosnian copper tables; diners can also eat in the Mediterranean Lounge.

For a special occasion
Now, I’m pretty frugal, so under normal circumstances I don’t opt for restaurants where the entrees are over $20. I’m happier when total – including a drink and tax, and maybe even tip – is around $20 (or lower. I’m not proud).

Still, if you’re looking for an affordable splurge (yeah, yeah, oxymoron, I know), I very highly recommend this place.

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