Tapas y Tintos  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tapas y Tintos

448 Española Way Miami Beach, Fl 33139

You should know

Chris and I went on a cruise a few weeks ago, and our ship left from Miami. In order to make sure we didn't end up on a flight that got delayed, causing us to miss our departure, we flew into Miami the night before. So Saturday we sort of wandered around the neighborhood, looking for something good to eat. Chris and I love tapas. Well, I should say we love good tapas. Chris studied in Spain for a semester, and when he came back, I insisted that the next time we were in New York (since you can find any kind of food in New York), he should show me what good Spanish food is. The rest is history.


So we walked around and see Tapas y Tintos -- Tapas and Wine. Sounds good to me! We decided to split three dishes -- salpicon de mariscos ("Marinated seafood salad with garlic, olive oil and parsley"), garbanzos con chorizos ("Fried chickpeas with Spanish ham"), and a third that is not on the current menu. We also had sangria. They were... OK.

It's possible we've been spoiled by some phenomenal dishes in the past. But we were simply not impressed. The seafood tasted just fine, but certain pieces had an odd texture that I didn't particularly like. And we love fried chickpeas, and chorizo, but apparently not so much in the same dish. The third item? Well, it certainly couldn't have been all that impressive if neither Chris nor I can remember what it was (Chris mentioned to me that there was goat cheese involved). As for the sangria, well, there was nothing actually wrong with it... but we've had much better.


Take it or leave it
Maybe it was what we ordered. Maybe we're spoiled. Maybe there's not many tapas places in the area, so if you really want tapas, it's the best you'll be able to do. But we just weren't impressed. If, like us, you've been to Tia Pol in New York or Tasca in Boston, you've been spoiled.

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Alesh Houdek at Critical Miami enjoyed the restaurant, and the commeters wax enthusiastic abuot tapas in general.

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