Bacon-wrapped asparagus  

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bacon-wrapped asparagus

by Puck Fair
298 Lafayette St, New York, NY.
$5 for four stalks of asparagus.

You should know

It was the last session of class, so we went to a pub afterward to celebrate. I ordered the bacon-wrapped asparagus in a reduction of butter and lime. When it arrived at my table, one of my classmates commented, "Whoever ordered that is a [...] genius."


Yes. Yes, I am. Four stalks of asparagus were displayed on my plate, in two pairs, each tightly bound with either two large or three medium slices of bacon (I couldn't tell). The asparagus was cooked perfectly, tender with not a rough spot to be found. The bacon was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. My only complaint was that I couldn't have both bacon and asparagus in every bite. It was OK, though -- each element picked up the flavor of the other. I couldn’t taste the lime in the sauce, but that was OK, because I don't particularly care for lime anyway.

I also ordered a gin and tonic with lemon. Like I said, I don't much like lime. It was a bit smaller than I've gotten at other places, but a good mix -- strong, but not overpowering.


Food: Try this. No, now. Drink: No complaints.
Some readers may have food allergies, or despise asparagus, or not eat bacon for religious or personal reasons. This is fine. Those readers get a pass. But everyone who likes, or even tolerates, both bacon and asparagus should make it a point to try this.

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