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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Naz’s Falafel HouseRestaurant
118 John St.
Toronto, Ontario M5V2E3

You should know

Ever since coming to New York, I’ve discovered that I like two new things: Mediterranean food, and food made from chickpeas. So when we were in Toronto, and had to find someplace for quick, relatively cheap food that both a vegan and a handful of carnivores could eat, we went straight for the falafel place we had passed on our way to various other places.


Neither the gyro nor the beef shawarma were particularly memorable. I tasted the falafel, though, and it was very good.
The décor was lacking, though, and the washroom was actually a bit frightening. To get there, you have to go up a rickety stairway, and the toilet is in a dirty closet-like enclosure; there was not enough toilet paper in there when we went.


A decent option
Overall, if you want a fast, cheap meal – and don’t use the bathroom – it’s a decent place to stop. I recommend the falafel over the meat dishes, but nothing was actually bad.

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A map so you can get driving directions.
Sorry, folks, there's not much on the internet about this place. In fact, if you do a Google Search under the blog listings, I'm the top hit!
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