Wayne Gretzky’s  

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wayne Gretzky’s
99 Blue Jays Way
Toronto, Canada
M5V 9G9

You should know
Sorry about last week. I had three papers due over a course of 24 hours, so blogging fell by the wayside. But you know what a skipped week means: not one, not two, but three reviews this week. So stay tuned.

So, another Canadian adventure. We were looking for Second City, and it wasn’t where the guidebook said it would be. So, instead, we went to this neat spots bar owned by The Great One, because hey, it’s Canada. We needed to do something hockey-esque, right? Turns out Second City was attached to Gretzky’s, across the street from where the Fodor's said it would be.

Also, remember that Paul’s girlfriend is a vegan.

We got a plate of nachos. They were good nachos, and huge – Chris, Paul, and I couldn’t finish them between the three of us. Since they weren’t vegan-friendly, Paul’s girlfriend couldn’t eat them, in which case they really could have used some meat. The kitchen was very accommodating, giving us the sour cream and jalapeños on the side since we don’t all like the same things.

The beers were very good, and I was quite happy with my Rickard’s Honey Brown.

The dining room was very nice, and the lounge looked extremely cozy. However, the hallways and bathrooms were on the scary side. To get from the restaurant to the comedy club without leaving the building, you go down a hallway full of memorabilia. Some of this is nice, such as autographed jerseys. Others… less so. Creepy toys and advertising campaigns come to mind, and does anyone really want to be reminded of ProStars?

The bathrooms, though. While you freshen up, Gretzky monologues. I assume it was a book on tape, since he was talking about highlights of his career in what appeared to me, during my quick pit stops, to be a fairly linear manner. Even so – I don’t want anyone, no matter how great a hockey player, offering running commentary of anything while I do my business. Chris found the way Gretzky talked about himself to be downright creepy.

Fun for hockey fans
The place actually doesn’t alienate the non-sports fans as much as even some supposedly non-sports-bars do. And I was certainly satisfied with the food. Still, it was unmistakably a theme bar, and that might turn some people off. Know what you’re getting into, and then have fun.

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