Wednesday, February 07, 2007

182 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA

You should know
I know, I missed two weeks. Job interviews, travel, illness, and computer problems are all good reasons, but sorry excuses. Believe me, I will make it up to you.

I was in Boston visiting Chris. This is one of his favorite places.

That day, we hit a two-for-one deal on pulled pork sandwiches ($6), which we got with a side of potato salad. We split a house salad ($5).

The sandwiches were much bigger than I expected; I couldn’t finish mine. It was delicious; the restaurant has a bar stocked with different sauces, so that you can season your sandwich your own way.

The potato salad was great. That was a relief; bad potato salad can be really bad. The house salad was also very good, but huge – a good deal for $5, but too big even split between two people on top of sandwiches. However, the onion pieces were way too big; I don’t mind onion in my salad, but I want a bite of food to have more than onion in it.

The atmosphere was nice, though since I’m not a football fan, I was getting a bit tired of watching 20-year-old football games everywhere I went. That could have been a function of the week, though; we were just days away from the Super Bowl.

Get it while you can
Chris is a bit worried about the place closing down. There are never many people there when he goes, he says, and the two-for-one deal seems pretty drastic. Of course, it’s as much a takeout place as it is a dine-in restaurant – maybe even more so.

Either way, the food is excellent, so if you’re in Allston, take advantage while it’s still there.

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