Whitman Diner  

Monday, February 12, 2007

Whitman Diner
4990 Black Horse Pike
Turnersville, NJ 08012

You should know
I was in Atlantic City for the day, and met Brian near where he works. We roamed around a bit until we happened upon a diner, where we stopped for dinner.

Actually, I had technically already had dinner, so I only wanted something small

After an incredibly long wait, we were seated. I ordered a Caesar salad ($7.25), and Brian got the chopped steak meal ($11.50 if it's what I think it is, though it looks like they've changed the menu slightly), hold the gravy (as he doesn’t like mushrooms). Both were priced on the high side – a bit overpriced, as it turned out, since neither was that good.

The portions for the salad were large, even too large in my case, but after I subtracted the wilted, disgusting greens, the size was what I wanted. Brian was unhappy with his meal, and packed the rest to go since he didn’t finish it at the same time.

Skip it
We decided not to go back. I recommend you not go in the first place. Jersey is sort of famous for diners; you can do better.

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