Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2007, in theaters

You should know
I wasn’t one of the legions of little kids obsessed with Transformers. I actually have the 20th Anniversary edition of the original Transformers movie sitting next to my DVD player, waiting for me. In other words, I don’t have the background in the series that some do.

I saw this movie with Dan, who, like many, many men his age, was a huge fan as a kid.

Sam Witwicky is just a high school kid who wants two things: a car, and a girl. As the movie opens, he’s almost got the car, and to help pay it off, he’s selling off some antiques that belonged to his great-grandfather, an Arctic explorer. One of these antiques is a map to an alien artifact that is highly sought by two opposing groups of alien robots – one of whom is Sam’s car.

Now, if this plotline didn’t have the Transformers name attached to it, would you be at all interested? I might not be, unless it was in the Snakes on a Plane sense. But this was decent entertainment, if rather mindless.

That said, it was a giant commercial. Now, if you expected it not to be, I’m a little disappointed in you: this is a film based on a cartoon based on a toy. Of course it’s a commercial! It advertised the toys, as well as cars, soda, and the U.S. Army (and by extension, G. I. Joe, at least by my count), Furby, My Little Pony, and probably a good dozen other things I missed.

As for the story, there were a few too many stereotypes for my taste, and I don’t care if the Autobots did use the World Wide Web to learn English – Optimus Prime should never use the term “my bad” (to be fair, I hate the term “my bad”). And Bumblebee is just a little perverted. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say this: combine the early scene with the girl and the radio with the closing shot, and you’ll see.

Oh, go ahead
As I said, it’s mindless fun, and most of the fans I’ve spoken to have found at least something to enjoy – many even really enjoyed it. At worst it’s a dumb, action-packed summer film, but since it’s the middle of July, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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