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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I already link to relevant resources and try to pass on the reactions of the rest of the Internet. For at least the next few weeks, as an experiment, I’m going to be linking you to a blog or website I especially like, that’s more often than not going to be completely unrelated to the content of the review. If this goes well, I’ll post a summary of the links when I do my more-or-less-biannual index

This will also be unrelated to the blogroll at right, but since I’m on the subject, let me introduce those sites.

[sic] is written by Matt, a fellow Hawk and English major. His blog is a mixture of reviews, essays, and thoughts on life as a writer aspiring for publication.

ArtJaw is an online arts magazine featuring monthly essays by artists and gallery owners. I copy-edit for the site, so I get to read these great stories before you do. That precarious balance between grammar and voice? That’s me. The amazing art? All them.

BlogCritics is an established site that features all sorts of bloggers. I have… one article there. I was planning on being a fuller contributor, but RW is my priority, so until I’m serving my readers here better, BC is being tabled. Still, lots of good bloggers there are worth being checked out.

Finally, MovieHawk’s Jeff is another fellow Hawk (hence the name) and English major. Jeff actually gets to write for his day job, and MovieHawk is a great source of reviews for movies, books, music, and the occasional cultural phenomenon.

I’m always up for trading links, but my general rule is I only do so with people whom I actually know in real life, and whose sites I’m familiar with. But if you know me and want me to check out your blog or website, let me know.

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