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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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California Pizza Kitchen

4040 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

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Dan and I had plans to go out after I got out of work.  He suggested we try out the new California Pizza in Plymouth Meeting.  I pointed out that there is also a new California Pizza Kitchen on City Ave. which is much closer to my train station, if he wanted to save some gas.  He agreed.


I was not starving, so I opted to get an appetizer instead of an entree.  Dan got one of the personal pizzas.

I ordered avocado club egg rolls ("A fusion of East and West with fresh avocado, chicken, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese and applewood smoked bacon, wrapped in a crispy wonton roll. Served with ranchito sauce and our herb ranch dressing.")  I got fresh lemonade to drink.  Dan got Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza  ("Grilled Jamaican Jerk spiced chicken breast with our spicy sweet Caribbean sauce, Mozzarella cheese, applewood smoked bacon, mild onions, roasted red & yellow peppers and green onions.") with a Diet Coke.

My food was excellent.  They gave me one too few rolls, but the waitress was out a few minutes later with the final one (I think I saw one hit the floor shortly before I was served, which would explain it...).   Dan was also very pleased with his food.

However, as I was leaving, I was hit by a wave of pretty bad indigestion.  The heaviness of my meal combined with the acidity of my beverage just did me in.  Two Tums and half a can of ginger ale later, I felt fine.


Go... if you have an iron stomach
The food really was delicious, and Dan had no ill effects.  If rich, spicy, acidic, or cheesy foods bother you at all, you may want to give it a pass; otherwise, enjoy!
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