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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dragon*Con 2008 - Parade 72Image by LaMenta3 via Flickr
I've tried doing an update of Awesome Sites, but that didn't quite work.  It was a noble experiment, don't get me wrong, but... these things happen.

Let's try another experiment.  Periodically -- I don't know how often, just whenever it comes up -- I'll link you to a review that someone else wrote that caught my attention.  It may be a review of a video game, which I don't really play, or a review of a movie that I haven't seen yet but, thanks to the reviewer, I now want to. 

First up: Alex at Super Dudes Power Squad! reviewed the new Ghostbusters video game. Again, I'm not really a gamer, but I've heard that the video game is a worthy sequel/successor to the movies, and may yet stand in for Ghostbusters III, which might or might not exist someday. Go check it out.

(Disclosure: my brother is one of the head Super Dudes, and I've been known to contribute to them on occassion as well.)

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