Going Postal  

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Going Postal

by Terry Prachett, 2004
Paperback, from the library

You should know

Again I reveal my lack of geek cred: Before this, I had never read any Discworld books.


Oh, I very much enjoyed it. I think I need to read more of Pratchett’s work so that I can get a better sense of how Discworld works. For instance, I was about two-thirds of the way through before I realized that the society had eight-day weeks. I know; I’m a terrible nerd.

Even so, I liked it a lot. I do wonder how it fits into the continuity – does the protagonist ever show up in any of the previous books? Can we expect him to show up again? Is the fact that his name is Moist relevant, or is it more of a throwaway joke?


Check it out
Longtime fans have probably already read this one, and newcomers probably won’t listen to me. Even so, I thought it was a very pleasant introduction to Discworld, and it sparked my interest in the series as a whole. I recommend you read it and see if the same happens for you.

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