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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Swiss Chalet
Chain restaurant

You should know
Chris and I went to Toronto, as you’ll recall. We drove around quite a bit one night looking for something that looked good. Eventually, we settled on Swiss Chalet.

The menu was fairly limited. Most of the options were variations on rotisserie chicken – clearly, they stick with what they know. There were a few rib options, and one burger. Actually, this suits me fine; I maintain that variety ruined Boston Market.

Chris had ribs, which were good but not particularly memorable, but which came with very good coleslaw. I had a very nice chicken salad sandwich. Normally I shy away from chicken salad at places I don’t know well, but since this place specialized in chicken, I thought it was worth the risk – and it was. We split a Sundried Garlic Cheese Loaf, which was excellent.

The service was pretty good, except for the payment method. The credit card machine is portable, which means our waitress brought it to us, and then had to hover around while we figured out her tip. When this kind of machine is not in use, we consider that behavior rude, and a system that forces the server to behave rudely is not one I particularly like.

Also, the booth was very nice.

Give it a try
Now, that said, you might want to try the Dick Solomon Tipping Method, so that you don’t have to calculate the tip in front of your server. But other than that, Swiss Chalet offered a positive dining experience, and I definitely recommend it.

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