Groucho's Gourmet Burgers  

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Groucho’s Gourmet Burgers

1574 Bayview Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 3B7

You should know

Yes, more Canadian fun. We did a lot of stuff on that trip. What can I say?

This was a case of Chris and I driving into Toronto from our hotel and wanting to stop for lunch someplace that was on the way, quick, and reasonably priced.


To start, they seemed disorganized. Customers can call ahead with their orders, and one woman came in to pick hers up only to find it was either not ready, or wrong. The burgers are slightly overpriced, but they were “gourmet,” so what do you expect?

It was nice that you could substitute salad for fries, but the pricing was a bit unclear – apparently, the garden salad is included but the Caesar is extra?

They had a great selection of toppings, both those included in the price of the sandwich, and “gourmet” toppings that cost extra. The curly fries were excellent, as were the burgers – mine was too big for me, but Chris finished his. The salad was good, but not especially memorable. The drink that comes with the combo meal is tiny.

The décor is a lot of fun, with a bulldog theme. The indoor tables are cut to look like they have giant bites taken out of them, and the trash and recycling bins are housed inside a huge doghouse. The front window has a nice view of the street, perfect for people-watching, and there’s an excellent view of the headlines in the newspaper boxes. Chris and I like current events, so this was a plus for us. There were also outside tables, though these might have been seasonal.

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