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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picturebook1Image via WikipediaNow that I'm at an age where friends are beginning to have children, I've decided that I'm going to be that family friend -- for good or ill -- and try to give the gift of a love of reading.

I'm collecting a list of beloved children's books, from board books through first readers into YA and teen-friendly adult books.  The current list spans from Where's Spot through East of Eden, if you're looking for a range.  I'm especially hoping for books I remember loving as a kid, but have forgotten (but there's a handful of people whom I'll let vouch for a book, if I've never read it).

So your mission is to let me know which books you read until the covers fell off when you were a kid.

Note: if it's a series, no problem, but ideally I'll just pass along the first book unless/until the child expresses an interest in it. See: The Baby-Sitters Club (#1 Kristy's Great Idea); Animorphs (#1 The Invasion); Goosebumps (#1 Welcome to Dead House).

And don't worry -- if I give your child a book she already owns, I encourage you to pass it along to a friend or a charity.  Spread the words!

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